How we help

How We Help

The primary importance for any company is the establishment of comprehensive synchronised strategies for sales and marketing development.

Getting this right enables your teams to establish high quality leads, and your sales team to convert these into secured business. Whether you’re keen to improve your current sector share in the market place, or looking to expand into other sectors, strategy is the key.


Solutions and Packages

The Aqueous Partnership offers a comprehensive range of packages which provide support and improvement tools to your operations:

  • Sales Consultancy

    If you’re a well established sales director looking for fundamental improvements or a small start up company looking for help en route to market. We’re here to help.

  • Coaching and Mentoring (Team or Individual)

    The phrase “Your team is only as strong as the weakest link” is of paramount importance in sales and marketing. We can help you improve individual, or team, or regional performances.

  • Interim Sales Management

    Sometimes winning large contracts can throw up unexpected issues. We can help you through these problems, highlight potential changes to future-proof, and safeguard delivery ability.

  • Non Executive Directorship

    For long term partnerships we will happily join the board on a part time basis working with you to achieve growth targets and sales goals.