Who we help

Who We Help

Whether you are a start-up looking to get sales and marketing underway, or already have an established team which needs to achieve more, we can support your aspirations.

At The Aqueous Partnership, we understand that sales and marketing cannot be used in individual disciplines, they need to be combined as principle components in any successful winning strategy. We have developed our Aqueous Partnership Tool (APT) to provide a rock solid foundation for all your sales and marketing operations. The APT format has four key components. See below for more information about each element of APT Range.

  • Communicate and Establish

    Working closely with your senior management team and sales teams to establish clear development and improvement goals for the company.

  • Design

    Design a tailored deliverable strategy to improve performance and increase growth

  • Implement

    Roll out the bespoke package to the team incorporating training and mentoring to deliver success

  • Fluid Improvement

    It would be highly suspicious of us to claim that issues don’t arise and adjustments aren’t required, that’s why we work with you to implement the new strategy and iron out any issues that are thrown up.

  • Small Companies and Start ups

    Many smaller companies and start ups cannot afford to go to the expense of employing both a Sales Director and a Marketing Director. That’s where we can help. Allow us to help you move forward with a tailored strategic approach aimed at delivering repeatable, successful sector specific implementation.

  • Medium Sized Companies

    Well-established companies have good years and slower years: we can help you through these times to iron out the peaks and troughs of sales delivery. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes and a little thinking outside the box can often make all the difference.

  • Larger Companies

    Larger companies have grown on success but sometimes the market changes or competition reduces the market share. We can help with sector specific exploration, produce reports on specific areas of interest and how best to develop them into profitable alternative revenue streams


Sales professionals and other executive leaders have no shortage of ideas for what they need to do to improve sales. With so many options like, people, structure, process, marketing, management, and training it's difficult to pinpoint exactly what to do to raise the bar on performance.

As a leading sales and marketing consultancy with sophisticated analysis tools and fully experienced sales directors, The Aqueous Partnership will help you determine with confidence which paths and strategies will lead to significant increases in sales performance.

You’ll work with our business development expert who knows and understands your industry, and who will work with you to uncover the changes you need to make to see dramatic sales improvements. Then, we’ll help you move from recommendations to implementation and on to delivery.

Specialist Sectors

  • Utilities Sector inc Tier 01 Framework Contractors
  • Airports Organisations
  • MOD Procurement
  • FMCG
  • Process and Industrial Sector
  • Transportation including Logistics, Vehicle Sales and Parts Sector
  • Environmental and Ecological Sector
  • Hospitality Sector
  • Retail Sector
  • Training Sector
  • Renewable Energy Sector
  • Agricultural and Aquaculture Sectors
  • Packaging
  • Consultancy Sector
  • Communications Industry


  • Tailored Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Improved Sales Development
  • Sales Training and Team/Individual Mentoring
  • Sales System and Process Improvement
  • New Business Sector Development
  • Non-Executive Directorship
  • Consultancy Service

If your specialist sector is not listed then please do not worry, there will still be crossover and synergy in our systems which will help in your particular area of expertise.